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The Christian knows it’s the Coming of the Lord. See? There’s an atmosphere. It depends on what you’re looking at, for our Lord has strictly told us just what was going to happen at that time, and we don’t know the minute or hour, but know that we are nearing something now.

As I was speaking here some time ago, watching a lamb one day in Africa, out from a corral, and it was—it was grazing very peacefully, and all at once it become nervous. And I wondered what was the matter with the little fellow. And you know a sheep cannot find his way back wherever he come from, he’s lost completely. That’s the reason the Lord likens us unto sheep, see, when we’re lost, there’s only one thing can bring us back, the Shepherd. And this little fellow was bleating, and he had wandered out from the corral. And I noticed, in the grass, way below, the little fellow could not see it. And a lamb or a sheep doesn’t smell its enemy like the other, like a deer or something like that, but he—he could sense that death was near. And there was a lion come slipping up, coming easily. He could smell the sheep, so he was coming, you see, to get the lamb. And the little fellow become nervous, and you couldn’t see the reason why, but it was death was lurking so near that he was nervous.

And the—the world is such in a neurotic shape right now that they’ll drive down the street ninety miles an hour, to sit in a beer joint and drink two hours before they go home. And it’s an onslaught of…

Speak to someone, oh, my, they blow up! Like I was speaking the other night at a tabernacle, and about going to a hospital out here to try to take some of Brother Neville’s calls. And every time I’d speak to a nurse or a doctor, they’d snap you, “I don’t know nothing about it!”

Well, I thought, “What’s the matter? Everybody just letting off pressure, I guess.” But, the doctor, the psychiatrists are doctoring the psychiatrists.

So, but there is a way out, that’s Christ. Now, the Christian should not be in that condition. We should be happy, waiting for the Coming, for it’s close. We can feel the cooling breeze of Calvary. When we look down and see the God of Heaven Who made the promise, and the very things that Jesus did in His life, promised would return in the last days, and here we see it. What is that? That’s the breath of that refreshing, like the rain coming. See? We know redemption is nigh. See? Something’s fixing to take place. Now, the world doesn’t see that. They laugh at it, because like they did in other days. But we know that it’s coming near.

And that’s the reason I chose today this subject, for my last for a while for the tabernacle, on end-time evangelism. And when we are doing mission work or foreign mission, with the Word of God, we know we’re always in the will of God, because Jesus’ first commission to His church was “Go out and preach the Gospel.” This last commission was to preach the Gospel.

The End-Time Evangelism

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