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But I was told one time, that, over at the Ballard and Ballard’s, there was a fellow went over to get him a job, and they asked him to sign his name to the paper. And when he went to sign his name, he did not have any…an eraser on the end of the pencil.

And the man told him, said, “You have no eraser.”

He said, “Well, I don’t make any mistakes.”

And Mr. Ballard said, “Then I can’t use you. You ain’t going to do nothing.” So that’s about…I think that’s about right. If we don’t make mistakes, we not be doing anything. But what I like about a person, is that, when you make a mistake, a real soldier is ready to rise and try again. There used to be a little song we sang.

If I fall or if I fail, (something or other)
Let me rise and try again;
Forgive me, Lord,
And try me one more time.

I prayed that so much, to God, till I’m ashamed of myself, almost. “Let me rise and try again.” Constantly falling, and each time, why, He’s been merciful to help me to come back again.

Now, if we just look it over, there isn’t an hour through the day, hardly, but what something we do that’s wrong. And now there’s no little ones or big ones, they’re all big ones before God. So if Apostle Paul had to die daily, how much more will we have to die daily! See?

And then, I think, a person that has done something wrong and is willing to make it right, the real Christian attitude is to forgive that person. And there is where, I think, Brother Graham, that the church people, today, miss it so much; instead of trying to raise this person back up again, is to just keep shoving them farther. See? As, see, Christ, when we were the lowest, He stooped and picked us up, and so that makes it to where that we ought to have that kind of a spirit, too.

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