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There was a proclamation, Emancipation of the Proclamation, that was signed, and the slaves was going to be free upon a certain day. You don’t know. Oh, if you’ve never met Christ, you never know what that meant to them slaves. When it went, the message, throughout the land, that, “You’re going to be free on such-and-such a day, at daylight. You’re going to be free. You’ll not have to wear slave belts any more, neither will you get any more whippings. But you are free, and you are a citizen of this great United States. You are not no more a slave, after daylight on a certain-certain morning.” Oh, with great anticipations, they waited.

If the sinner could only see that, if the sinner would only hear the true Gospel, not the joining of a church; but the preaching of the Gospel, that you can be free from sin, that you can be free from your sickness. “At a certain-certain time,” that’s the time you believe.

You know, those slaves were so excited and under such anticipation, waiting for the hour that they would be free, until they tell me, that they gathered at the bottom of the hill, mothers and little children all gathered, and some of the old. And they climbed up to the top of the hill around midnight. They knowed when the day breaked and the sun come up, that they’d be free. It wouldn’t take over one half of a minute to shine the sun from the top of the hill, but some of them was up on top the hill, watching, watching. “Oh, when the sun rises, we are free.” That was the s-o-n–or, s-u-n.

But when the S-o-n rises one of these days… And when the S-o-n rose some nineteen hundred years ago, He broke every slave belt; He set every captive free; He healed every sickness; He gave freedom to those who are in bondage. How we ought to climb and watch.

And when the sun peeped up first, the man was at the highest, saw it, and he shouted down to the next man, “We are free!” And the next man shouted to the man farther down the hill, “We are free!” Until it come to the camp, “We are free!” For the sun was arising, they were waiting, waiting, waiting for that hour.

How much more ought we to be waiting today for the S-o-n of God. We are free from sin. We are free from the shackles. We are free from habits. We are free from smoking, drinking, carousing, because the S-o-n of God has raised from the grave and has broke every fetter. All condemnation is gone. The debt has been paid. The penalty’s paid. The sins are washed away, and we are free. Oh, we are free, people. Slavery… Freedom, when the Son of God rises with healing in His wings…

Someday He’ll rise from the throne, come back to the earth. And then we’ll be free from all pains and all temptations, free from all mortal aches and whatever goes with mortal life, to live with Him forever. We’ll be free. “Go tell,” that’s the thing to do.

Go Tell
Jeffersonville, IN

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