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I’d like to look at this tonight as seeing taking it–maybe a Monday. Monday when everybody had heard a great sermon on Sunday, maybe, and preaching, and He’d went along, and He didn’t have no ‘lotted places, but He was meeting down by the seashore. Usually He had to stay away from the rich and people who had many things of the world, so He got down amongst the fishermens, the peasants, the low type of people that was considered low type; the people who had not much of this world’s goods, but was rich in faith. I’d rather be like that.

So there’s where he found Him, where people believed Him. And there’s where you’ll find Him tonight. That’s where people believe Him. That’s where He will be. He’s always where He’s–and you are too, usually, where you’re welcome.
Now, then we think of Him as He was gathered down there; I can see Him coming along with some men following Him. And He stopped at the side of the–the shore. I got a picture right where He–He’s preached this sermon, way it is in modern days. There’s still little harbor ships there, where they pull the boats in. And I hope to hold a healing service there in the next few weeks, the Lord willing.

Now, He was–He begin to talk, and I can see the women from up along the hillside, and the men out in the field with their ox plowing, so forth. They heard that that famous Preacher that had just come into light of the world, was down there at the sea preaching. I can see them leaving their wash and go, and stopping the ox and tying them up, going down to hear the Word of God. Oh, I’d sure like to heard Him preach, wouldn’t you? Anything I like is to hear good preaching, hear a man preaching. I believe, though, of all the preaching I ever heard in my life, I’d just live to heard Him when He stood there and said, “Come unto Me, all ye that labor and heavy laden, I will give you rest.” Wouldn’t you love to have heard that? I guess we’ll never hear that. But here’s one thing we’ll hear if we’re faithful: “Enter into the joys of the Lord, thou blessed, that was been prepared for you from the foundation of the world.” You’ve been faithful over a few things, God will make us ruler over many.

What a wonderful time to think that night, when all the battle’s are over and we’re setting around that great wedding supper, won’t it be wonderful? I will look across the table and happen to see setting across there, Brother Willets. Looking at the different ones here…?… “Well, they was at the Connersville meeting.” You know, I–I kindly believe that we just have to cry just a little bit, don’t you think so? When I reach across the table and see it, all down through there, the old battle-scarred veterans, bowed across the table, holding one another’s hands, weeping for joy. Won’t that be wonderful? And I can hear announcement of silver, a blast of trumpets, and out comes the King in His beauty, His majestic robes around Him. Walk down along the table, will take His own hands and wipe the tears out of our eyes and say, “Don’t cry now, it’s all over.” Amen. That’s the day that I’m living for. That’s why I press and beg and plead for lost souls and do all that I know to get them to the Lord Jesus. Then I want to set down at His feet and hear Him like these people did.

At Thy Word
Connersville, IN

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