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God didn’t put you here to work in a factory just alone; He put you here as a testimony, a written epistle, read of all men, to live a honorable and decent life, and a hid consecrated life with God so that men would know that Jesus Christ still lives and reigns. Amen. That’s a little pinchy, but it’s good. It’ll help your–your digesting orders, you know, to take the food right. Amen. It’ll fit you into a place where that–that you can receive healing for both soul and body.

Notice, also there was another thing, you’ll have to look in this to see. After his rod, how it bloomed out, how God vindicated there that this old dead stick, just a stick out here in the court, setting by the same manna there. But when it come in here and stayed twenty four hours, it was a yielded tree, yielding fruits after it come out of that holy place.

Brethren, sisters, let me say this in the Name of Christ: If you’ve never been in that place, come to Him tonight. Get into that place. When you go home, close the door, tell your husband not to bother you till tomorrow. Stay in there. Tell your wife the same thing, say, “If I’m not out of here in the morning tell the boss I’m not coming to work today.” And stay in the Presence of Christ until something happens in your soul. That’s what it is. You won’t have these up-and-down experiences.

Why? Out there they would eat the manna, and they’d get hungry before ten o’clock was over. ‘Cause it melted, the sun melted it and it went away. But these people here was setting though, Aaron in there, in the holy place, which we’re a priest of God now. And he’s setting there, could eat the manna every day, every night, all year long, through the span of years; and it would never, never be contaminated. All day long he’s eating from that manna.

And that’s a man or woman who consecrates themself and forsakes the things of the world and gives their life entirely over to the Lord Jesus Christ, is eating off of the manna day and night. Whether the storms are flying outside or what was he’s hid in Christ. Amen. Make any difference whether there’s sickness in the house, or there’s trouble on the line, doesn’t make a bit of difference, he’s hid in Christ Jesus.

Hidden Life With Christ
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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