From the Desk of Bro. Daniel Martin – 3/17/2020

March 17, 2020

Dear Saints of God,

It was on our heart this morning to write to you and let you know our position for the next couple of weeks as we navigate through the current world events. How blessed we are to know who we are and where we stand when men’s hearts are failing for fear.

We have been in prayer for the best direction while we let things around us run their course. It is a little difficult when there are differences in opinion and the different mandates from state to state. However, with President Trump’s latest recommendations, we feel that we should attempt to follow them as best we can.

In light of this, we will cancel services at the church for the next two weeks. We will instead broadcast service for you to enjoy in your homes. This is something that we know will be a blessing to you, as we have had many testimonies of God moving through this avenue. We feel that we will be able to use a small crew in order to stay within the guidelines, so we will be in prayer for the best way to do this. We appreciate your prayers for God’s will and guidance.

As far as the Easter Services, we are waiting as long as we can to see what other changes may be coming. We have a few viable options currently, but we want to make sure there are no more changes to policy before deciding. By next week we will make a final decision and we will get the word out. 

It is important for us as the Bride of Jesus Christ to understand that God is with us. We have peace in our hearts and that our lives are His. We don’t react the same as the world reacts because we know the power of a living God and have experienced His Grace and Mercy many times in our lives. This is nothing for Him, except furthering His plans for the times we live in.

We go through this time together, as a family. It is important that we don’t let this isolate us from fellowship. We can fellowship remotely through many ways, and even a text or a phone call to check on each other can be nice. Be assured that we are together in this, and we are here for one another. If you are in need, please let us know. We will do our very best to help you whether you need food, prayer, or encouragement. We have a team of ministers ready to serve.

May God be your portion during these times. All is well!

Your pastor and brother in Christ, Bro. Daniel Martin and your leadership team.

Psalms 91