From the Desk of Bro. Daniel Martin – 3/18/2020

March 18, 2020


Good morning,

Thank you for your prayers. By the help of the Lord we have found some direction we would like to share with you. 

First, we wanted to share some history for perspective. When Bro. Branham was still alive, he had a lengthy discussion with my father Bro. John Martin concerning missionary work. This involved the correct way to set up a missionary program and Bro. Branham’s plans for the future missionary work. In this conversation, he told Bro. John the importance of follow up. He explained that his plan was to go into an area first, and then have Bro. John and other faithful men come in after him for follow up.

When Bro. Branham passed away, it left dad confused about how to proceed according to this pattern. How was it possible for Bro. Branham to go in first? This question was left unanswered for many years. 

Around the year 2000, It came on our hearts to put together some radio broadcasts in a certain format. This format was for a one-hour broadcast consisting of preservice music, Bro. Branham preaching, and a clip of Bro. Branham giving an altar call / invitation. We were given several broadcasts free of charge in the far-reaching areas of the Philippines. We began to see a great deal of response with many requests for missionaries to come. For some reason, we felt not to, but to wait and let Bro. Branham’s preaching saturate the area first. 

This is when we began to see the plan of God and the pattern that Bro. Branham laid out for Bro. John come to fruition. Dad himself was so excited as we shared the results with him. Together, we prayed for God’s timing for follow up.

After two years of Bro. Branham’s preaching through the radio broadcasts, we finally felt it was time to send faithfully taught missionaries for follow up. Oh my! What results. We saw entire churches being rebaptized and receiving the Message of the Hour. We saw pastors walk away from their denominations to start evangelizing with the truth. We don’t have words for what God has done in these areas, however we can say that without a doubt God was pleased with us following the pattern that Bro. Branham set in place, where he would go in first, and then the follow up would come through faithfully taught men. The five-fold ministry of Ephesians 4 in action, completing the pattern as laid out first by the apostle Paul, and then the Prophet of God, sent to us according to Malachi 4:5, Bro. William Marrion Branham. 

These broadcasts we put together were mostly evangelistic type messages that lit a fire in the hearts of any predestinated seed that heard them. Some of the most effective ones were from the Chautauqua, Ohio series preached in August of 1959. 

Here is what the Lord has put on our hearts for you to do. We would like you to listen to this series over the next two weeks and allow Bro. Branham’s preaching to saturate your lives. We truly believe that this is the real medicine / vaccine that the Lord is trying to give to us while we have some recommended down time. Here are the messages: 


The Reaction to an Action 59-0810
It is I Be Not Afraid 59-0811
Discerning the Body of the Lord 59-0812
Why 59-0813
As I Thought on My Ways 59-0814
As the Eagle Stirreth Up Her Nest 59-0815


May God bless you and keep you,

Your pastor Bro. Daniel Martin and the Leadership Team