Life Learning Center Testimony

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This is a testimony I received this week from Sister Elen Avila. She is the School Administrator for our Life Learning Centers schools.

God bless you,
Bro. Daniel Martin

Dear Brother Daniel:

Greetings in the blessed name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.With a humble heart I am excited to share with you the wonderful Farewell Party of the school held on my behalf in my resignation from my work in the government service. I was greatly surprised when the superintendent of the school called me to come in the school for an exigency of service. But to my great surprised, when I arrived they brought me to a cozy hall where I saw more than a hundred people inside in a very sad mood. I felt an emotional mode inside the place. I don’t know why… Then I saw the formal table setting of the table, with a presidential table at the center reserved for Brother Nelson and my children with a beautiful stage decoration labelled, “FAREWELL PARTY of ELEN G. AVILA”. At first, I can’t say any word.Because, as far as I know there were many faculty members who have resigned in the previous years but we have not done this kind of activity. But since, everything is a surprised for us, we were not able to bring our children. During the program proper, they have assigned different people to deliver a simple message that have closely worked with me for 15 years from the highest position down through the lowest. What is wonderful in the different messages we have heard from the different people I worked closely, the “BLESSING of the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ” that they have seen in my life. They said, all difficult task became so easy and lightly when you are working with somebody who got Christ in her life. My Director said, they lost one best potential in the system that caused the operation slower down for quite sometime, but they were sad and at the same time happy because they have seen how I committed my life to the “Missionary Work”. That I will serve the “Greatest Master/Boss”. One of the best blessing during the program, my provincial director who is a Muslim, were crying the whole duration of the program because she feels guilty of her commitment also to the Lord. She embraced me so tightly and whispered, “PRAY FOR ME, I need to know more God in my Life”. My Superintendent were crying the whole duration of the program because he said, ” I lost my Godly, potential, main human resource in my administration”. He said, if Elen, will only just transfer from other agency, he will be the first one to stop me. But he said, I can’t stop her, because I know she will be working in the Missionary Work, I don’t want to rival and be punished by God. The hundreds of Faculty members fall in line bringing gifts and flowers as a token of remembrance, they hugged and kissed me, crying, bidding me goodbye….It was an emotional and memorable day for both of us Bro Nelson but that we believed it was Gods wonderful time for us to see the fruit of our labors in serving the Lord through these people we worked with in the government service. They said, only few can experienced this kind of celebration in their lives, only the “LOVED and special employee”. My heart filled with joy, because the WORD OF THE LORD! became alive that day… the spiritual legacy I left for them to which I just allow the Holy Spirit to work within me since I came to believed the message of the hour brought by his messenger in this last days, Bro. William Marrion Branham, is pure, unadulterated and real. I forgot the many wonderful things I have accomplished in the past, what remains in my memory is the “GOODNESS OF GOD”. It took me a long journey passing through the difficult road, until I found myself living in a miserable kind of life. Then one day, I got so tired of chasing many things to satisfy my human longings. Ambitions so high and big! The Lord grant for a while and sometime, but the Lord Jesus loves me very much… He took me out from the miry clay and molded me the way He wants me to be. Now, that my two feet were walking together with the Lord, I have a wonderful life, I have all contentment and real joy of serving the Lord. But the very secret of my life is my constant reading and listening of the spoken word and my prayerful life. People said, my career is soaring high, I’m on it’s peak of my career….but why, I will give up to this? Why I will chose to leave my wonderful career? I have only a simple answer to them, ” BECAUSE I LOVE THE LORD”, more than anything this world can offer me. Brother Daniel, I can’t think of an appropriate word to express how thankful I am, we are in mentoring us with our walk with God…your life testimony and commitment in serving the Lord became our inspiration to keep moving on in serving the Lord. People doesn’t know how much we struggle in the most private times of our lives… but the Lord knows best. Only His word is our greatest comforter. ” It’s not an easy road, we are travelling to heaven”… but we are happy to be with the presence of God all the time. My heart overflows with joy and thanksgiving watching a little child, changing his/her life. A certain sister coming to church with hunger and thirst for the word of God. With my two feet, whole life, all talents and potentials the Lord has given me, will be used fully to “GLORIFY THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.” My whole heart desire is to serve in the missionary work to whereever and whatever HE WANTS US TO DO. ” HE THAT IS IN ME, knows best. May this simple and humble testimony will be a blessing to you and to others. God Bless you. We are fervently praying for you.

Sister in Christ,
Sister Elen

Sister Elen on the far right and some of the orphan children and team on our recent trip in February/March of 2007


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