Encouraged in Christ

Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do.

1 Thessalonians 5:11

“But if you’ve got the Holy Ghost, you’re God’s child, you’re Abraham’s Seed. You got an unconditional covenant writ in your heart by God Almighty Himself, Who can’t take it back. Amen. He swore that He wouldn’t do it. Hallelujah!” WMB


“Pero si usted tiene el Espíritu Santo, eres hijo de Dios, de la simiente de Abraham. Uds. tienen un pacto incondicional escrito en su corazón por el mismo Dios Todopoderoso, quién no puede retractarse. Amén. Él juró que no lo haría. ¡Aleluya!” WMB

There is none holy as the LORD:
For there is none beside thee:
Neither is there any rock like our God.
1 Samuel 2:2


No hay santo como Jehová;
Porque no hay ninguno fuera de ti,
Y no hay refugio como el Dios nuestro.
1 Samuel 2:2

“The cloudy skies and storms of life are no signs of God’s disapproval. Neither are bright skies and still waters signs of His love and approval. His approval of any of us is only IN THE BELOVED. His love is elective which He had for us before the foundation of the world. Does He love us? Ah yes. But how shall we know? We shall know because He SAID SO, and manifested that He did love us for He brought us to Himself and gave us of His Spirit, placing us as sons. And how shall I prove my love to Him? By believing what He said, and by conducting myself with joy amidst the trials that He in His wisdom allows to come to pass.” WMB

“And sometimes we have more troubles when we become a Christian than we did when we were sinners. Of course, it is written, “Many is the afflictions of the righteous, but God delivereth him from them all.” God promised many afflictions, strange feelings and strange things that would be beyond our understanding, but it’s always done for our good. We just can’t understand it, because if we did, then it would not be of faith to us. We would go with an understanding. But we do it and we have it and we believe by faith His Word, that it’s going to work some good thing for us. If we could grasp that today, on this morning, if we could grasp that all of our troubles … (and there’s none of us immune from them), and if we could realize that those things are for our good!

It is written in one of the scriptures in the Bible, that trials are brought upon us are more precious to us than gold itself, for it is God giving us these trials. After we become His property, our confession and our baptism and our promise to walk in life for Him, then every trial that comes upon us is to perfect us for His glory. It’s to bring us to a place where God can make Himself more real to us than He was before the trial come.” WMB

“God lets disappointments happen, to show victory. Oh, if we could only see that! See? You’d only see that these things that seems to be so burring you, and upsetting you, they are trials. They are things, to stand still, focus your glasses on the Word of God. And speak the Word, and then just walk forward. That’s all there is to do it. We get to a time, we say, “God, I don’t know what to do. I’m up against it.” Speak the word, “Lord, I believe.” And just start walking forward. God does the opening up of the sea. You just keep walking. See?” WMB


“Dios permite que sucedan desalientos, para mostrar victoria. Oh, si nosotros únicamente pudiéramos ver eso. Si usted únicamente pudiera ver que estas cosas que parecen ser tan difíciles, y lo molestan a usted, son luchas. Son cosas para quedarse quieto, enfocar sus binoculares en la Palabra de Dios y hablar la Palabra, y luego solamente caminar adelante. Eso es todo lo que hay que hacer. Nosotros llegamos a ocasiones que decimos: “Dios, yo no sé qué hacer. Estoy contra la pared”. Hable la Palabra: “Señor, yo creo”, y empiece a caminar hacia adelante. Dios hace la apertura del mar. Usted solamente continúe caminando, ¿ve?” WMB

‘And God took that great chaos of darkness, and transformed it into a garden of Eden, see, by His Word. That’s how we’re transformed, by God’s Word. When God said, “Let there be light,” and that mass of creation out there come over in around the sun, and begin to revolve around the sun, and became a garden of Eden because it obeyed the Word of God. It done the perfect will of God, for it was transformed from chaos, into a garden of Eden, by the Word of God.” WMB


“Y Dios tomó ese gran caos de oscuridad y lo transformó en un Huerto del Edén, (¿ven?), por medio de Su Palabra. Así es como nosotros somos transformados, por la Palabra de Dios.Cuando Dios dijo: “Sea la luz”, y esa masa de creación que estaba allá, se acercó al sol, y empezó a girar alrededor del sol, y se convirtió en un Huerto del Edén, porque obedeció la Palabra de Dios. Ella hizo la perfecta voluntad de Dios,pues fue transformada de un caos, a un Jardín del Edén, por la Palabra de Dios.” WMB

Praise and Worship – Alabanza y Ánimo

“Be courageous. No matter what comes up, what goes, what takes place, just don’t let nothing beset you. Just stand there like a rock of ages, and God will make everything come out all right.” WMB


“Sea valiente. No importa lo que venga, lo que pase, lo que acontezca, no deje que nada te acose. Solo parase allí como una roca de siglos, y Dios hará que todo salga bien”. WMB

“The Body of Christ is one Spirit, where every member from Pentecost to this time drinks of the same New Wine, the same Holy Ghost, bringing forth the same results. How do we do it? By one Spirit. It’s God’s open door, the Holy Spirit. What is It? It’s God’s open door; It’s a Sign; It’s a Seal; It’s a Comforter; It’s an Advocate; It’s an Assurance; It’s Rest; It’s Peace; It’s goodness; It’s healing; It’s Life; It’s–It’s God’s open Door to all these things. It’s God’s open Door to Christ which has… God proved that He raised up Jesus from the dead. And those that are dead in Christ will God bring with Him at the resurrection. “Grieve not the Holy Spirit whereby you are sealed into Christ until the day of your redemption.” WMB

But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.
I cried unto the LORD with my voice, and he heard me out of his holy hill. Selah.
I laid me down and slept; I awaked; for the LORD sustained me.
Psalm 3:3-5


Mas tú, Jehová, eres escudo alrededor de mí; mi gloria, y el que levanta mi cabeza.
Con mi voz clamé a Jehová, y él me respondió desde su monte santo. Selah.
​Yo me acosté y dormí, y desperté, porque Jehová me sustentaba.
Salmos 3:3-5