Testimony from the Life Learning Center

To all the brothers and sisters of like precious faith,

Here is one of the many testimonies that we received of the things that God is doing. As you read this I’m sure you will be as blessed as I was. We have had many testimonies with results from the blankets that the sisters made that Mom sewed the prayer-cloths on that was prayed over by the prophet of God. Thank you and God bless.

Bro. Daniel Martin
Missionary / Pastor

Dear Brother Daniel:

Greetings in the blessed name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Wonderful and amazing things the Lord has done to all of us here in GENSAN.

Three weeks ago we have three children in our LLC and church that got sick of a dengue fever since they were living in one of the most populated squatter area of Fatima Barangay. Dave Arriesgado the 12-year old boy who is a faithful boy in the church and always render a special song during church service was the most serious one. After 6 days in the hospital the doctor declared that Dave has only two hours left to live, we were there because we brought him the prayer blanket cloth, which the american sisters brought here the last time they came. His platelet count would rise to 60,after a few minutes to 40 then after a few minutes again it will go down to 20 which is a very critical condition for a dengue patient. But Dave hug tightly the prayer blanket and cried painfully.

According to his laboratory result, his liver is already swelling, his lungs were almost to collapsed other major complications can be seen already. He is bleeding inside of his body. After his mother signed a waiver document in the hospital office containing a message of whatever will happen to Dave the hospital is not liable to it anymore. We then called her mother inside the Pedia Ward where there were more than 30 children where there, suffering from dengue fever too.

We started to sing wonderful songs and the hospital room was filled with the presence of God. While singing, we saw Dave stop crying and fall asleep. He is not crying anymore as he still hugged the prayer blanket. Brother Nelson prayed so loudly, declaring the victory over the dengue virus, then we left the room because the doctor said, only God’s miracle can heal Dave.The doctor further said to us, his case were so severe, it would be hard to survived.

We went home and the next morning his father was very early to come in our house very happy bringing us the good news that Dave was totally healed. All the major complications were gone and he is now strong that the doctor told them they can even went out from the hospital in the next day. We are so very happy with tears in our eyes, praising the Lord! for this miraculous thing. What is more amazing Brother Daniel, those patients parents that joins us in singing and praying received also the mirclulous healing from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Surely….. God is GREAT! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The two hours left for his life has been prolonged by God…. until this day… He is the living testimony for all the people around the barangay. So many people were so amazed again… of the POWER of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Attached also were the picture of his younger brother, Ian 6-year old, and younger sister Karen, 5- year old. Three of them were dengue victims but they all survived. Other children in the neighborhood had died… but this three faithful children was covered and spared by God from death. Some of their room mate children in the hospital died too because of the very strong virus of the dengue fever…. but Praise the Lord! these children living in the message of this last days…. was completely delivered. Presently, they were still recuperating at the Fathers’ House because they don’t have a house of their own. We cater them there while his parents were looking for a place to live.

Tell the sisters there were so many wonderful testimonies of healing with that prayer blanket that they have brought them here. The Lord will bless their efforts. This picture was taken three days after they have went out from the hospital. They look nice, as if they have not been sick for 10 days. GLORY TO GOD!

Yours in Christ,

Bro. Nelson & Sis. Elen Avila
WMO-Mindanao, Philippines

Dave Arriesgado
Dave, his sister Karen, and his brother Ian

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