Letter from Uganda

Bro. Herbert Makoba from Uganda is doing well there with the brothers doing missionary work. We just purchased a motorcycle this week so the native missionary brothers can be more effective in their outreach. They have been covering the many miles on bicycles which is taking them a long time and can be done much more efficiently and effectively with a motorcycle. This is just one of the many things that we are able to do for other missionary works because of your faithful prayers and support. The following is an email from Bro. Herbert that came in today.

Dear brother Dan With gladness I salute you in the most holy and the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I was so glad to speak to direct yesterday, by the time you called, we were again watching one of the dvd’s on the missionary report when you went to South Africa, as soon as you called I pointed to my family and other visiting brothers to us, I showed them you in the dvd and as well I said here he is and is the one talking to me now. We were so happy about that. Today I have picked the money and we are going to buy the motorbike and I believe it is really a blessing to us. Yes I wish you a safe blessed trip to Philippines , also as we keep in touch we are happy about your mentioning of coming by our way here in Uganda in February.

God bless you. Greet all the saints.

Brother Herbert

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