Healed from Cancer!

A testimony came in this week to Bro. Daniel and he thought everyone would really enjoy it. It is from Sis. Mary Katheryne, Sis. Fonda Adkins’ mother. Bro. David and Sis. Fonda Adkins have been faithful elders in the church in Genoa, IL for many years.

Email from Sis. Mary Katheryne:

In July of 1995, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I felt like there was a demon in my body. I just wanted to scream or do something. I called Bro. Ron Perry, he prayed for me. He was going to bring my daughter Fonda to be with me. But before they got there, Jesus passed by one day when I was going down my basement stairs. I knew everything was going to be all right. I had such a peace to come over me.

On the 17th of July (1995) I had surgery to remove my breast. The cancer had already gone into my lymph nodes. I went through chemotherapy for that cancer.

Five years later the cancer had gone into the bones, it was on my sacrum & pelvis. I couldn’t have anymore Chemotherapy because my body was so weak. So I had to have an injection once a month to keep the bones from becoming honeycombed with cancer. I went on like that for 6 years. I had to go in for bone scans every so often to keep a check on the cancer.

In April of this year (2007) I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Once again I called Bro. Ron Perry for prayer.

Bro. Ron prayed for me and called Bro. Daniel Martin.

Bro Daniel put the prayer request in the weekly news bulletin. Now I had prayers going up for me all around the world!

In October of this year I was hospitalized for pain in my chest and shortness of breath. My Doctor thought I had a blood clot in my lungs. He took a scan of my lungs. There was no blood clot and there was NO CANCER in my lungs. I told him my oncologist had been treating me for lung cancer since April, with injections once a month. He said he didn’t know, “God must have healed me because there was NO CANCER in my lungs”.

In the middle of October of this year I was in church in Genoa, there was a prayer line, I went up for prayer. The lung cancer was gone, but it was still in my body. After going home from Genoa, I had to have another bone scan and a cat scan of my lungs. The doctor’s office called me up to tell me there was NO CANCER in my body, anywhere. I am clear of cancer.

Praise the Lord for His mercies to me all of these years!!! I can’t say thanks enough for your prayers for me. May this testimony help someone to believe for whatever it is you need.

God Bless You All,
Sister Mary Kathryne Chesser

God bless you. I am sure this was a blessing to you all. Please continue to remember us all in your prayers as well as the upcoming services in South Africa.

Your brother in Christ,
Bro. Josh Dutton

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  1. I loved reading the testimony of sister Chesser, her victory over cancer. Two years ago I too was diagnosed with cancer, prostate cancer. I immediately told myself, “I don’t accept this ‘box of rattlesnakes'”. I asked the minister brothers to pray the prayer of faith over me. I wanted to be obedient to God’s Word by being prayer for. I held my belief in God’s Word despite the quarterly PSA tests, which were rising slightly over time. One evening a few months ago as I lay in bed inspiration struck me. I really can’t put what happened to me in words, but I suddenly believed I had received faith for healing of my body. I saw myself healed as the Word of God declares I was, by His stripes. It became my personal property. I simply accepted what Jesus had done for me, for ME. I began testifying to everyone, anywhere I went, that Jesus had really healed me. The more I testified, the greater I believed. Then one day I found where Brother Branham said in the Message ‘God’s Provided Way of Healing’, “When you receive the inspiration that Jesus Christ died for your sickness, it’s that very hour that your healing has come. You don’t need no prayer line. Your eyes brighten. Your lips, which once hung down, turns to a smile. Every muscle in your body seems to rejoice. Something is going to happen. You got it.” And That settles it for me. I rest in what He did for me. By His grace and mercy I believe, really believe. Brother Branham said he has never seen the Word of God fail, never. If we truly believe, testify of what Jesus has ALREADY done for us, He will bring His Word to pass. And, I believe He has. I am resting in His finished work. Brother Branham said it would be sin to disbelieve.

    Brother Robert

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