Reports from the Philippines

Dear WMO missionary partners,

Greetings to you in the wonderful Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It has been some time since our last update and the Lord has been doing wonderful things. Rest assured your prayers have not been in vain and many souls have been added to the Kingdom of God. I wanted to share some reports and emails with you that have come in recently. I am sure they will be a blessing.

Excerpt from an email from Sis. Elen Avila – Mindanao, Philippines

Since its summer time here in our country and young boys and girls around the village were just making standby on their homes and don’t have anything to do in life except to go with friends, gangs or fraternities. And because one of our young teen girls became a victim of these worldly activities, the Lord has put a burden in our hearts to double our time in reaching out to these young teen boys and girls in the 3rd IB Village. As of yesterday, there were 15 girls and 20 boys that came excitedly in the church to be a part of the Young Teens Fellowship. After the simple fellowship we separated the boys from the girls and Bro. Randy who is one of our faithful brothers in the church volunteered himself to spend quality time among these young boys to have a daily Study on the Word of God with some spiritual game variations as part of their exciting activity. The girls will be handled by our missionary teachers. Every night we have teachers meetings for the next series of Bro. Branham’s message to be imparted to these young teens. For almost 4 meetings of being with these young teens, we have seen the wonderful things and changes the Lord has done in their lives. They were singing wonderful songs for Jesus.

Brother Daniel, we could not just look at these young teens victims of the worlds activities, that’s the reason why we made ourselves available to reach out to them today… for tomorrow maybe it’s too late. We have seen the strong force of worldly activities that pulled them away from the Lord…. Sad to see many young teens have already disappeared one by one if nobody will focus such special attention to them in nurturing them to study the wonderful messages of the prophet of God. We are so much thankful that the Lord send us laborers to be of great help to do harvest in the field that’s ripened. We don’t like our young teens to be misled and go astray…we want to keep them under the wings of the blessed Savior

Sir, with this wonderful missionary work, we are humbly asking your fervent prayer that these young boys and girls who came voluntarily to study the word of God will all be saved and become a wonderful believers of the Glorious Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ

Excerpt from an email from Bro. Nelson Avila – Mindanao, Philippines

We Praised the Lord for the wonderful Time we have with Brother Ron Perry and the team, 20 souls got baptized at that time all in all.

Bro. Ron Perry doing missionary training with the local T’boli missionaries at Lake Sebu.
Bro. Nate Dutton baptizing in Mindanao

And also I have the privilege to be with the Brothers in Building the church in Lamlaban T’boli. Wow its great Sir because in only three days the church is built and every night we have a service and a lot of people coming from different sitios here in T’boli. And as a result we baptized 26 people.

Praise the Lord for the things he has allowed us to be a part of. Please keep these and all the work in your prayers. We have teams on the ground now in South Africa with more on the way next week for the tent meeting campaign in Zululand. We have a team going to Peru this week. We also have missionaries working now in Mexico and also in Guam. And as always we ask that you remember all of the native missionaries who are in their respective countries working. God bless you.

Your brother in Christ,

Bro. Daniel Martin
Missionary / Pastor

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