Testimonies from the Philippines

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We have just returned this week from the Philippines and really appreciate your prayers while we were there. The missionary work in the Philippines is going strong with the groups there growing daily in the Word and work of the Lord. I brought a couple of testimonies home from Mindanao that I wanted to share with you. May God bless you as you read them.

The Orphan Boys Turn to Jesus

They were orphan brothers. Their father died when they were still babies and their mother left them after a few months their father passed away. They knew nothing about the Lord Jesus Christ. Their first few weeks in school was so strange to them, the songs, the prayers, the Bible stories and everything. They have never gone to any church before. But God miraculously moved to their lives and we have noticed how these boys became so responsive.

Austin and Basti

The Arriesgado Family

The Arriesgado Family

The most solid fruit of the Life Learning Center. Bro. Robert and Sis. Imelda, Ian’s parents, have committed their lives to be active team members of the missionary team in General Santos City. It’s almost unbelievable that through Ian’s enrollment the whole family has been saved and have become servants of God. It’s been three years now that this family has been faithfully serving the Lord, inspite of tremendous trials and persecutions that they have experienced.

Please keep all the missionaries in Africa who are laboring there for the work of the Lord in your prayers. Things are going well. The Gospel is being preached to the lost as we look for that last predestinated seed and His soon coming. May God richly bless you. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Your brother in Christ,

Bro. Daniel Martin
Missionary / Pastor

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