Update from the Life Learning Center

The following is an email that was sent from the Life Learning Center. We were able to give them some Christmas items from our children’s offerings.

Dear Brother Daniel:

Greetings in the blessed name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We have just arrived from the 3 days missionary work having a wonderful celebration of the Christmas Time-Off for all our wonderful kids and parents at LLC’s. Wonderful testimonies we have heard from the parents and relatives of the children and for the great and many changes to the children’s lives as well. The beautiful gifts we have prepared brought them so much joy and fell so much love and important, the Love of Jesus. The parents greatly enjoy and very grateful for the wonderful gifts their children have received. We went home very happy for the great and amazing things the Lord has done to the lives of the children and their parents.

Our Children at the Fathers were so very happy of their cards and very excited of their gifts. We have just displayed the gifts on top of the toy cabinet and became a strong motivation for everybody to be industrious in doing their house assignments. And it was really great.

All of our LLC Parents and Children were extending their heartfelt gratitude for the beautiful gifts they have received and the simple food they have enjoyed. Many of them telling me that this is the only time that they can have a Christmas celebration because they don’t have anything to prepare and to spend. What a wonderful felling to see a mother, a father and a child wearing a glowing and a smiling face that conveys so much joy and appreciation as we worship together, played together and eat together. Simple celebration like this has been use by God as a channel of a wonderful blessings to each of the children and parents.

Again, everyone of us salute YOU! For being a wonderful father, a pastor and an elder for this missionary endeavor. What we can give in return is to fervently praying for you and your family and to everyone that contributed to support the needs of the LLC’s. GOD BLESS YOU! Have a BLESSED CHRISTMAS AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!

Sister in Christ,

Sis. Elen

Nathan Avila singing
The gift table

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