Peru Trip Report

Having just returned from our recent missionary trip to Lima Peru I want to thank all the people who prayed for the success of the meetings and for our trip.  We had a wonderful time in the services and the fellowship with the brothers and sisters.  There were many people who had come from the mountains and jungle to meet with us for the first time.  We shared with them the Word of God and missionary vision for the work in Peru.  As always the people wanted us to come to their churches, which was not possible at this time.  We told them that we are working with some of the brothers in Peru for the missionary work, and perhaps they would be able to come to their churches.  The work for this country is considerable; workers seem to be few.  We would appreciate your continued prayers for the work in Peru.

At the WMO Office, Bros Jose Canales, Pablo Coca, Julio Miranda, Ron Perry, Felix Zarzosa
Services with Bro Felix Zarzosa, coordinator at our office in Lima
Service with Bro Pablo Coca one of the pastors working with Worldwide Missionary Outreach


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