South Africa Missionary Report

Dear Brother Daniel,

As you know we just returned from South Africa and I wanted to give you a brief update of the trip. I spent my time mostly right in our church in Monzi, where God is really becoming real to the Zulu people. The effects of the gospel is beginning to spread to many there, with 23 new souls this trip plus the effects of their lifes on others in the area.  The tribal chief gave us a letter saying that we have permission to build or do what we want next store to the church a lot the size of where the church is now also giving us a piece of farm land one hector (about 2.2 acres) for farming.

Working with the young men during the day on these projects and at night fellowshipping around the things of God we are watching these men get stronger and stronger in the Lord. In the days we were there we built a fence around the property next store to church. They put in a water tank and system at the church to catch the rain water for dry times in the area and also we started work on the one hector of land for the cabbage field. This will produce crops and livelihood for the people of Monzi. My health was good and by Gods grace I am getting stronger. Thank God for the opportunity that he has given all of us to be on Gods team looking for his people.

God bless and bye for now,

Your friend,
Bro. Marc Duarte

The local church in Monzi plus some of our outside groups
Her son was prayed for and healed of Leukemia
Having a word of prayer at our cabbage field (to the left)


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