South Africa Missionary Trip

Dear Bro. Daniel,

We have just returned from another wonderful missionary trip to South Africa.  God continues to do wonderful things with the Zulu people there.  Each time we go we see the growth in the various groups as well as in the lives of the believers there.

The church in Monzi is thriving and they are adding many souls to the kingdom.  It is exciting to see the order in their services and the growth in the young men there.

As you know, within a half hour we have several outreaches that are starting to grow to larger numbers.  The Friday group is now at about 45 to 50 people.  The Saturday group is now also at about 50 people.  The Sunday morning group has about 35 people.

Two and a half hours to the north of our main church in Monzi, is the city of Pongola where there is now about sixty people.  This is our newest outreach and also our fastest growing one.  As we discussed, we were looking for facilities there to hold service or even a place to build a church.  The Lord willing, if it is possible, you may be able to send a building crew a little later in the year and do something like they just did in the Philippines.

Here are a few pictures of the group there in Pongola.  We are meeting outside at this time because we have no facility there.

I am reminded of Bro. Branham’s statement of how when Paul went to an area and got one convert, he would come back to find many more converted. This is what we are seeing each time we return to South Africa.

Here is a picture of a lady who the Lord healed of migraine headaches. She had suffered for nine-teen years.

Thanks again Bro. Daniel for the opportunity to be part of the team and do my part in His work.  It is a real honor on my part to be part of Worldwide Missionary Outreach and the things that the Lord has given us to do.

Your brother in Christ,

Bro. Darrell Robson

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