WMO honored by Philippine military

Dear Brother Daniel,

Greetings to you in the Lovely name of our Lord Jesus Christ, it was an HONOR for us  about the Master PLAN of GOD, that after 3 years in the Medical Center, we have been Awarded and Recognized as the Most Outstanding RESCUE units in the list of NGO’s serving the Island of the Philippine Republic.

I could imagine thinking that I never mind my retirement, because I never had a chance and was given a SALUTE  of the Parade and Review HONOR during my military service for 29 years, now I have one, but I believed everything has a purpose.

Thank you very much Sir, as our Chief Executive Officer of the Search and Rescue (GR 4.1) we’ve done our very best to be a successful Rescue Teams and the remarkable missions serving the Wounded AFP Soldiers confined in the Medical Center and their dependents.

We served the people without any conditions, but we served them for the GLORY of GOD.

GOD Bless you sir, and We SALUTE and a Million THANKS to the Search and Rescue (G R 4.1) WMO Brothers and Sisters in Christ who spare their untiring efforts to make this missions a success.

Respectfully yours,
Brother in Christ,

Bro. Alex Zanoni
Operations Director, WMO – Philippines

Bro. Daniel Martin receiving a plaque of appreciation from Brigadier General, Ariel Zerrudo, Commander, Armed Forces of the Philippines, for our partnership at the medical center and our Search and Rescue operations
Search and Rescue team and military partners viewing the full military parade held in their honor

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