Peru Missionary Report

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,

I just returned from two weeks in the mission fields for Worldwide Missionary Outreach in Southern Peru with Bro. Juan Huallpa. Our Bro. Juan has been working in this area of Peru for more than 25 years. He has over 20 missions, most of which are accessible only by foot. We visited 5 missions during our time, by bus and auto. The missions lie in the area called Cordilleras Negras (Black Mountains). It is approximately 10 to 13 thousand feet above sea level. We spent most of our time above 13,000 feet.  Unless you are born there it is very difficult to acclimate and very difficult to breath.

I arrived in Lima at midnight of the 29th. Flew to Cusco the morning of the 30th, met Bro. Juan. From there we caught a bus, nine hours through the mountains on a dirt road. Arriving around midnight at a place called Santo Tomas, Chumbivilcas. We awoke in the morning and got to work. We had service in the morning, fellowship in the day, and service again that night. Many brothers were working, but there was still about 50 or 60 believers. After two days there we went to Sicuani, which is where Bro. Juan lives. We had service with the brothers there.

The following morning, which was a Sunday, we rented a little car and drove out to the “Pampas” (this is basically like the bush). The people there are very poor. They are farmers and shepherds. They live in adobe huts with grass roofs. There is hardly any water and electricity. We spent a total of 7 days out there at three different places. Every service we had, had a minimum of a hundred people. The people in this region are known as the Quechua Indians. This is Bro. Juan’s native people and dialect. Every service I would preach in Spanish and Bro. Juan would translate into Quechua.

The people are very humble and were very excited to have a missionary from the United States. They have never had missionaries from the US or a ministry so closely tied to the Prophet and the Message of the Hour. The people at one church had been waiting for hours. When we arrived they came outside, sobbing with tears of joy. We heard many testimonies from people that were healed the last time we were in Sicuani. They had come down from the mountains to be prayed for and returned completely whole. One brother, whose name is Mateo, was almost blind, now he can see perfectly. The Lord Jesus Christ also healed his wife completely from internal troubles, when she received prayer with the prayer cloth. Many times we do not hear testimonies until our next trip. I’m sure we will hear many more testimonies the next time we go about this trip. We preached the gospel and prayed for the sick.

The places we went to are called Consabamba (Tucsa), Consapata, and Tandabamba. I found that in each place there seemed to be a good solid nucleus of brothers who are ready and willing to work together for the common cause of preaching the gospel and saving souls. Every place we went they seemed to be receiving their books from VGR and also they have their MP3 players from VGR. What they lack are the Seven Church Age Books, Seven Seals, and COD books. It’s not that VGR isn’t sending them; it’s that there aren’t any available right now. That would be the biggest need I see as far as what they need from the message.

The biggest need naturally speaking; I believe would be a vehicle for Bro. Juan. A Toyota or Nissan, 4 doors, 4 wheel drive pickup. With this He could visit his missions more frequently and that would certainly help the brothers to be more established. Many of these places are only 5 or 10 miles apart. But due to difficultly of terrain and the fact that a bus comes through once a week or once every two weeks it is very time consuming to visit the missions in a timely manner. With a vehicle Bro. Juan could go to every mission once a month, instead of once or twice a year. In my opinion this is the neediest thing for the brothers.

Thank you for your prayers. Keep Bro. Juan and the brothers lifted up in prayer.

Thank You and God Bless,

Brothers & Sisters in Santo Tomas-Chumbivilcas
Brothers & Sisters in Sicuani
Brothers & Sisters in Consabamba-Tucsa
Brother Gregorio & I with a sheep the church gave me for an offering
Bro. Mateo, Bro. Erasmus, and their wives in Consapata
The church in Tandabamba
Getting ready for baptism in Tandabamba, 4 people give their hearts to the Lord

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