Peru Missionary Report – May 2010

We had another wonderful missionary trip to Peru, South America.  We had the opportunity to take Bro. Daniel Martin with us.  It’s been a few years since Bro. Daniel has been to this part of the world.  We took this time to meet and have services with the Quechua people in the Cuzco region where many of them lack the ability to speak and understand Spanish. Taking the Gospel to them is very exciting because there are no tapes or books of the Message in their language.  After Bro. Daniel left we went to Lima, Peru where we had the opportunity to meet with some of the brethren we haven’t seen for some time.  It’s always good to fellowship with those of like precious faith.  The work is moving forward and souls are continuing to be added to the kingdom.  Lives are growing stronger in the faith.  Please continue to remember this work in your prayers.

Your Brother in Christ,
Ron Perry

Bro. Daniel preaching in Sicuani with Bro. Matt Peters translating into Spanish, and Bro. Juan Huallpa translating into Quechua.

Bro. Juan Huallpa is a missionary/pastor in the Cuzco area of Peru.
The congregation is made up of Quechua people who farm and raise herds in the mountains.
Greeting the people after one of the services. Approximately 400 people attended and all wanted the opportunity to shake our hands.
Some of the local missionaries who came to the meetings.
Preparing for a baptism after the convention.
Bro. Nate Dutton baptizing a young man in Christian baptism.
A service at Bro. Johnny Gaytan's church. Bro. Ron Perry preaching with Bro. Matt Peters translating to Spanish, and a young man translating to Italian. The service was streamed live on the internet.
Ministers attending the special meetings at Bro. Johnny's. Americans, Peruvians, Colombians, Ecuadorians, Mexicans, and Italians representing the body of Christ.
Bro. Jose Canales preaching at our mission in Lima.

Bro. Nate Dutton with Bro. Jose Canales interpreting.
Bro. Felix Zarzosa baptizing a new convert. With no clean rivers nearby to baptize in, we have a pool ready and waiting for those who repent and want to serve the Lord.

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