Uganda Trip Report – June 2010

Dear Bro. Daniel,

I just returned from Uganda, Africa and had a very wonderful trip.  I have never been treated any better anywhere in the world then I was treated there in Uganda. The teams of WMO minister brothers that preceded me have earned the respect of the local ministry.  They all seem to be excited about the prospect of working together, doing outreach work in the outlying areas of their country.

Our goal is not just to go from church to church preaching, though that can be a blessing, but to reach out to those that have never heard this Message before.  They seem to want to join with us in sharing our vision of finding that last predestinated soul.  The countryside and rural areas along their borders have been plagued with wars and troubles and untouched until now by this last day Message.  This trip introduced me to the ministry, the food, the language and the culture of Uganda, but most of all left me with a burden to return again and join with others in search of one more soul.  Below are some pictures from our trip.    God bless you.

Your brother in Christ,
Don Furan

This is “The Little Flock” church pastored by Bro. Onyango Bolahs. I spoke here about three times and we had some wonderful fellowship around the Word of God.
Bro. Bolahs asked if I would dedicate a baby this morning. This was a women who, wasn’t a believer, had been married for ten years, and could have no children. She tried every remedy within her means, including the witch doctor. When she came to Bro. Bolahs, he said “Let’s try prayer.” Within a couple months she was expecting a baby and has been faithful to God ever since. This is now her 3rd baby.
Here is another church we ministered in. Bro. Peter Jehopio is the pastor and the reception to the missionary work was tremendous. He said that we have awakened them to the forgotten ministry of missionary outreach work.
On the right is Bro. Bolahs delivering Bro. Otaget “Samuel” Okello to the bus stop with his shipment of books from Voice of God Recordings. He has a church on the border of Kenya.
Had a service Tuesday morning at the church of Bro. Stephen Byanyima in a very poor section of Kampala. Many of his people were working so the group was small but very receptive and responsive.
This is Bro. Charles Obwoon who has been doing missionary work in Uganda for years and is now an associate pastor to Bro. Bolahs. They are so excited at the possibility of working together doing missionary work in the outlying areas of Uganda

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  1. Pastor A Matimbe

    Dear Bro Daniel.
    Christian greetings Servant of God.
    We kindly invite you to our 9th to 13th August 2013 Annual lnternatinal Convention to be held in Harare Zimbabwe. These meetings will be attended to by brethren from several African countries, UK and New Zealand.
    Your coming too shall be a great blessing for us.
    Yours ln Calvary bonds
    Pastor Albert Matimbe
    +263 773 018 371

  2. Pastor A Matimbe

    Dear Brethren
    God bless you for the Missionary Work.
    Please extend your outreach work to Zimbabwe also.
    May The Lord reward you exceedingly
    2Chronicles 15 v 7.
    Yours ln Christ Jesus
    Pastor Albert Matimbe
    +263 773 018 371

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