Uganda Trip Report – August 2010

Brother Daniel,

Brother Ron Perry and I returned from Uganda on the 15th of August. The trip included a journey to Moroto where we delivered 80 bicycles to the ministers to provide transportation to spread the gospel.

Brother Bolahs was a tremendous blessing once again, providing transportation and assistance all through our travels. He introduced us to Brother Silvanious and Brother Paul Alemu from the Soroti area. We stopped there on our return from Moroto and had a wonderful service and met many local pastors from the area. The next day we traveled to Mbale for service with Brother Arthur Onyapudu. On a previous trip we had given him a prayer cloth from Brother Branham for his young son who was gravely ill. The son passed away before Bro. Arthur returned home. He testified that when he and his wife placed the prayer cloth on his dead son, life came back to his now cold body. How great is Our God!!

Next we traveled to the Mubendi area for services in the villages of Kibyamirizi and Kasana. This is an excerpt from an e-mail from Brother Leo Ruhwabwoba, he was our interpreter while in the Mubendi area.

Shalom Bro. Frank,

Thank you for your response. God is really moving after your visit. I was informed that 10 souls believed Christ after your ministry. So, we return all the glory to God…

…We are looking forward to your visit again. And prayer for our radio program because God is really using it to bring souls to Christ.

Bro. Leo

Brother Daniel it is such a blessing to be a part of the WMO team, helping to spread this End-Time Message to such wonderful people. Traveling with Brother Ron Perry was an honor and his ministry was a real blessing to the churches and villages we visited.

Your brother in Christ,

Bro. Frank Dutton

These are a few of the 80 bicycles that WMO provided to Karamojo ministers

Inside a church near Soroti

Bro. Arthur's son who had died and was restored to life with a prayer cloth

Bro. Arthur and his family

Church in Kasana

Kibyamirizi church convention

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