Mindanao Trip Report

I recently returned from Mindanao Island Philippines spending three weeks visiting many places in southern Mindanao.   It was a wonderful trip and I can’t tell it all, but wanted to give you a glimpse of one segment of this trip.    The local WMO missionaries have taken the Message into new areas and wanted me to visit these new outreaches.   There are so many open doors as a result of the testimonies of healings and changed lives from the first outreaches.

The following pictures are of the trip to a place in the mountains called Hot Spring where a literal hot spring boils up out of the ground in the village.

Bro. Don Furan

We have the use of our Search and Rescue vehicle but it can only go so far on rugged roads. So here we hit an impasse and went by motorcycle and on foot to the village.

Arriving in the village before Hot Spring, we are met by these two young working boys. Notice the machette in the left hand of the boy without the shirt.

We had to cross 6 small rivers on our way to the village.

This is the village as it looked when we arrived. The elders said I was the first American to ever come to this place.

We had a little service in this small church building which is not adequate enough to hold the number of people that are coming. The people, with a simple faith, are so open to the Word of God.

I was able to get the testimony of this lady. She had been 3 years with what they called a "stone" disease where from her waist to her neck her flesh was turning hard like stone and she walked like a robot. When they started the work in this village just a few weeks ago she was laying in a house and asked them to come by and pray for her. They talked to her, had prayer with her and God raised her up and returned her flesh to normal. She can now raise her arms and use her hands and is faithful to serving God. Her testimony has gone throughout the area opening doors in other villages to preach the Gospel.


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