We have just released an update to the Spoken Word Search app in the iOS App Store.

New Features
• View search history
• Find a message by name
• Copying text now automatically appends the source information
• Added option to collapse menu on the iPad in landscape mode
• Font settings now used in search results as well as reading view

• App opens right into search, with quick access to other options through the menu
• Greatly reduced space the app takes up on your devices
• iOS 10 compatibility

Bug Fixes
• Fixed search result pagination issues
• Corrected display issues with Bible text
• Corrected highlighting issues
• Fixed crash caused by unexpected search text

Spoken Word Search is a mobile app for searching the Message of the Hour, the Church Age Book, and the Bible.  Our primary focus was making a fast and accurate search you could take with you anywhere.

In addition to the fast and accurate search we have included a beautiful reading view where you can bookmark your favorite spots and resume where you left off.  Spoken Word Search is also completely self-contained and requires no internet connection once installed, perfect for taking overseas.

Spoken Word Search is available now in the iOS App Store for FREE.