India – March 2013

Bro. Ron Perry, Bro. Nate Dutton, and Bro. Jon Timm sent in some pictures from their current trip in India. Please remember these brothers in your prayers. They will be returning home this week.

2 thoughts on “India – March 2013”

  1. Dear Brother Ron perry,
    Shalom,greetings in Jesus name.
    I am Pastor Nehuru Naik working for Him since 14 years in Endtime messages. Many are come to know Christ Jesus as their personal saviuor, Mal 4:5-6, Rev.10:7, Amos 3:7.

    Please do pray for us and visit us in trip to India.
    With love
    Brother Nehru Naik

  2. Pastor Vijay Ratnam

    Dear Brother In Christ. Greetings to you in the Risen name of Our Lord Almighty.

    I am blessed to hear that you are have missionary trip in INDIA and I heard and seen some testimonies in website.. I am really given Thanks and Glories to Lord for his Mighty Miracles through your Prayers..

    I Humbly Requesting you that while you came to INDIA once again .. Remember me in your Hearts and thoughts… We Love you with whole my heart with Love of Lord..
    Remember me in your Hearts and Thought and in your Daily Prayers brother..

    I always open my Heart to invite you all to my Church to spread the message of the Hour to the Bride in RAJAHMUNDRY… INDIA>>


    Best regards from

    Bro.Vijay and Message Tabarnacle-INDIA

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