Harmony in the Desert – Sunday Afternoon

The final service for Harmony in the Desert 2014.

3 thoughts on “Harmony in the Desert – Sunday Afternoon”

  1. Enjoyed all the Videos of Harmony In the Dessert. Thanks for Posting. Love You All. We are from New Brunswick, Canada. A Small group of Believers. We Love this Message with all Our Hearts. God Bless All of You.

    1. Bro. Zachary

      I had fellowshipped years back with some MessageBelievers up on the border near you while I was a trapper in Maine living among a small band of MicMac. I don’t come from that area, but am of Cherokee descent from my mother(my grangmother being a full_blood) same as our Prophet, Bro. Branham.. (gzs137@gmail.com )

  2. Zachary Scherbert

    Had hoped to make it this year since moving here to Arizona(Kingman).Hopefully next year, as I really desire “fellowship” with other MessageBelievers. I have TABLE but it sure would be nice if anyone was near Kingman?The closest Tabernacle near me I believe is in Flagstaff, which is pretty far off. Anyway hope someone sees this post. My name is Zach and my email is gzs137@gmail.com GodBless

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