Genoa Meetings 2015 – Thursday Evening

2 thoughts on “Genoa Meetings 2015 – Thursday Evening”

  1. Zarrah Benafield

    First of all, greetings to All the Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am so greatful to God that He made a Way, and allowed us to be in the Meetings. It is Really a Blessing to us! And,it was also my very first time travel to Genoa,Illinios with my husband. And had that also priviledged to meet my new family there too! And am Really Thankful to our Great God Almighty that He Protect us travel back home, even we face a little trial while driving home.
    As I am ejoying watching the two services tonight, It reminds me how God protecting us and keep us In His Hands from the incident were I wrecked my car driving in Nebraska. My sister n law and husband from Genoa, helping us out to rent a car so we can have vehicle to use to travel back home. The Good Lord takes us back home here in Idaho safe and sound. And thanks to those who remember us in prayer. We sure appreciate each of you. So far,my abrasion left down on my neck from the incident was gone, and my neck and shoulder pain was getting better now. I myself, can’t Thankfully enough how much God Loves us. And most of all, special Thanks to the missionary Brothers. giving us an good encouragements and it was such a powerful Word of God that keeps our spirit revived once again..!Amen. We still looking forward and waiting for the Will of the Lord for us..May God Bless us All.

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