Searching for the Lost

I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for being with me throughout my stay in Baringo County. It was a great blessing to meet the Jemps people who live in the Kokwa Island and it was wonderful to share the word of our Lord Jesus Christ with them. I was blessed to meet Brother Hanningtone Leseega who was with me and guiding me around The the Island.

Who are the Njemps People in Kenya? The Ilchamus (sometimes spelled Ilchamus or Iltiamus, also known as Njemps), are a Maa people living south and southeast of Lake Baringo, Kenya. They number about 35,000 and are closely related to the Samburu living more to the north-east in the Rift Valley Province.

Their language is one of the Eastern Nilotic Maa languages, closely related to the Samburu language (between 89% and 94% lexical similarity), to the point of it being considered a Samburu dialect by some.
Lake Baringo has nine Island and all this Islands belong to the Jemps. Among the nine Islands, it’s only the Kokwa Island that belongs to the community and the others are personal islands.

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