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And when God so loved the world, God’s Divine love to Adam’s race, when He so loved it, Christ stepped out and sovereign grace took its place. God’s love was met by sovereign grace. God gave His only begotten Son. You see it?

Now, I used to think that God was angry with me, but Christ loved me. But come to find out that Christ is the very heart of God. And in this beautiful type of the coming out of the children of Israel, how that Christ in type, was the smitten rock. And the only way that those people… After searching everywhere for water, they were perishing. And Moses, God’s servant, took the judgment rod, which it was a judgment stick… It had brought judgment upon the unbeliever of Egypt, flies, gnats, all kinds of diseases, affliction. God’s judgment stick that was waved in the hand of His servant, smote the rock, and rock gave forth its water, and a perishing people was saved. What a beautiful type of John 3:16.

God loved the world that He… The smiting of the just judgments that belonged to us, they were all smitten onto Christ. And out of Him came forth rivers of living waters, speaking of the Spirit, that a perishing people might live. The waters of life coming from Him, a smitten sacrifice, an accepted One… And no matter how little… I love God for that.

Some people says, “Well, it won’t make much difference whether I receive it or not.” It does.

“Well, I’m just a little housewife.”

“I am just a little colored lady that lives back in the alley.”

It… No matter who you are, that “Whosoever will, let him come…” No matter how little, like the text, no matter how small it is…

I’ve often wondered, as I go into the woods in the springtime, after the cold blusterous winter, and I notice little, teeny flowers, no larger than a half a inch, and I have to get down sometimes to see them. How insignificant it is to the great stately oak that’s standing by it. But God is so mindful that He sees that this teeny, little flower is taken care of through the winter, that it can raise again and spread forth its beauty. And in there is sometimes blue and red colors. God knows them every one. God is concerned about us all.

When Divine Love Is Projected, Sovereign Grace Takes Its Place
Lima, OH

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