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And I truly believe that every Word of God, every promise that He made, is true.

And it’s to anybody who will accept it. And now there is some who try to accept it, and cannot. There is others who can accept it. And some get it without half trying. Now, that, we have to preach the Gospel that “healing is to all,” yet we know it’s not. It is to all if they can receive it, but we know that they all cannot receive it. I just want to be as honest with you as I know how to be.

We have to preach salvation the same way, that “salvation is for all,” but we know that all cannot receive It. All man cannot see these things. Jesus said, “Blessed are your eyes that can see, your understanding, for there is many that cannot understand It.”

And Divine healing is for people who believe. But, you cannot believe until Something is within you, to make you believe.

“And then if the works had been done,” Jesus said, “in Sodom and Gomorrah, that had been done in the cities of Capernaum and those cities” that He had passed through, He said, “they would been standing till this day.”

And I say: If the works, the mighty works that’s been done in Phoenix, would have been done in Sodom, it would have remained until this day, and would not have been in the bottom of the Salt…of the Dead Sea.

Now, it’s because that all men grasp for it, all that is sick. But if they would just stop a minute, and try to consider what the Word means.

Faith is by hearing the Word, the Word of promise. If you don’t have a promise, then you venture out upon your own faith. But, if you can take a promise of God, that’s God’s promise to you.

The woman that touched His garment, had no promise of that. But her faith, without a promise, got her healing.

Now, if she could get her healing, by her faith, without a promise in what she was doing, how much more ought we to get our healing, by faith in a promise that God is manifesting and vindicating before us, and has brought it to us by His Word, come around and confirmed His Word!

Look at these little babies I’ve just dedicated. Both of them, a miracle from God, passed medical understanding. See? Just think of the things that’s been done!

Now, is God a respect of person? Certainly not. If He heals one, He will heal the other. There is only one thing you have to do, is to appropriate that faith. And that faith is something that you know; not something you plunder at, guess at. You know it! Something happens. Now, through the ages, people has rested upon this.

His Unfailing Words Of Promise

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