Quote of the Week

We were speaking, the other day, before some businessmen, that were attorneys, and so forth. And—and they said…One said, “What is your—your main objective in life?”

I said, “I have one.”

He said, “What’s that?”

I said, “Saving souls for Christ.” That’s the—the only thing that I…

My highest ambition, and only ambition, is to see Jesus Christ glorified. I live for that.

And I’m so happy, our testimony, that thirty-one years is in the making now, I have humbly served Him. If I should live a million years, I had that much life to live, I’d want to live every minute of it for Him. For I…And if I knew I’d be turned down at the end, it’s such a privilege to live for Him! He is so real and so good!

And I have never found nothing, in all my travels of life, that would any way compare with the fellowship that we have together when we’re alone, He and I. There’s no sweeter communion. It’s greater than the love for anything, for wife, children, or anything, is the love of Christ. It’s so good.

Images Of Christ
Rev. William Marrion Branham

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