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God said, “Except a man be borned again, he cannot even see the Kingdom of God.” No matter how intellectual you may be, or how good a Christian you claim to be, you’ve got to be borned again.

You say, “Then, Brother Branham, I’ll have to come to some little mission?” That doesn’t mean that. It means you’ve got to receive the new Birth. You got to be borned again.

This is a mixed audience, but I’m going to say something. What is a birth? If a birth happens on a straw tick, or if it happens on the floor, or in a hospital that the rooms are decorated in pink silk, it’s a mess, any way you take it. That’s right.

And so is the new Birth. It’s a mess, any way you take It, but It produces Life. Amen. It produces Life. What kind of Life? Servant Life, to humble yourselves, to deny yourself. That’s the kind of Life. Oh, they say, “But I’ve seen them cry and boo around the altar and carry on.” Sure. They’re being born. It’s a mess, I don’t care where you go. You might get up, your face all full of tears, and your eyes red, and your hands raw from beating on the altar, but it’s a Birth. It does something to you. It makes you a servant. It takes the starch out of you. It makes image, molding new Life, new creation. You may be all messed up, when you get up, but you’re borned again. No matter where you are, it makes a new Life. It brings a new, image Life. It makes a servant out of you. You want to serve, then. Jesus want us to serve one another, love—love one another. And as we serve each other, we serve Him.

Images Of Christ
Rev. William Marrion Branham

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