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So we’re–we’re trying to get every soul saved, so that Jesus can come. And He cannot come until that last one that has the name of the Book of Life, that was put There before the foundation of the world; when that name is called, that’s the last one then. He came to redeem, to bring back. Redeem is “to bring back.” And when He brings the last one in… He is setting at the right hand of God, tonight, doing His mediatorial work. And when that last soul is saved, that was redeemed, and seen and knowed by God before the foundation of the world; when that last soul is saved, that closes the Book. Then the Lamb comes out, takes the Book out of the right hand of Him that sets upon the Throne. Then it’s… He’s coming then, He’s coming to the earth. I think that God is…

Many times we get nervous and we begin to think, “Well, it ought to be this way, and we’ve got to make it this way or make it that way.” We don’t have nothing to do into it; just play our part that He leads us to play. Remember, there’s nothing out of cater.

The great omnipotent God knows just exactly, before the foundation of the world, that we would sit here tonight. If He’s infinite, He has to. So, He can’t be infinite without knowing all things. And by His foreknowledge He knew that this meeting would be here; and perhaps ordained of Him, I trust that it is, to bring some more into His Kingdom.

Christ Is Identified The Same In All Generations
Tampa, FL

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