Quote of the Week

Now, there has to be enough light to make a shadow. If it was dark in here my shadow would not be on this pulpit. But being that there’s light, then it makes a shadow. See? So death is dark in a certain way, but it’s only a shadow. See? “The valley of the shadow of death…” So there has to be a certain amount of light in death to make it a shadow. Aren’t you happy that that’s so, that there is light in the valley?

17 Someday we’re all coming down that way, friends. Every one of us are on our road there tonight. And each time our heart beats, is one time less than it’ll ever beat again. It’s just got so many beats it’s going to make in this journey. Some…It’ll make its last beat one of these days. Then we’ve got to go down through the shadow of death. So we’re happy that we have been promised that the Morning Star would meet us there to light up the valley and give us the—a light to cross the river.

I’ve got to come that way sometime. That’s why I want to put all my life for the Lord Jesus, everything that I can do for Him. And I can only serve Him as I serve His people. You can only love Him as you love each other. I can only love Him as I love you and you love me. And together we love God. And we become His children, in that I serve you, you serve me. And that’s we’re serving God. Jesus said, “Insomuch as you have done unto the least of these little ones, you have did it unto Me.” So if we want a blessing, let’s be a blessing to someone else, and a blessing will return. Like casting your bread upon the water, it’ll return. And that’s true. In all walks of life you’ll find that. You usually reap just as you sow. So let’s do good. Talk good and be kind. And people talk about us, we’ll say good things and kind things. And good things will come our way, if we’ll give them out.

Rev. William Marrion Branham

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