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And if we this morning, as Christian people, and facing the great crisis that’s on the earth today, and in meetings like this if we could concentrate for one thing, to purpose in our heart, that we love the heritage of the Lord Jesus, that we could feel it…

The other evening while I was speaking in the tabernacle, the church behind the place here, speaking on love and how that we must have the feeling of the people, we must feel for them and love them… Love is the greatest weapon that God ever put into the hands of man. And through that… You can’t fool people. You can’t…

You knowing I was a game warden, conservationist… My mother’s a half Indian, and I–I love outdoors. And just a little sideline now to life, to let you know what I mean when I’m speaking this. Until the burden gets on the Christian Church for lost souls, we’re fighting the air. Let us stop speaking… I believe in gifts and signs and wonders, why, certainly. That goes with the body, but let’s not put that ahead of love and lost souls. Let’s get into–a burden on our hearts.

The Holy Spirit marking the Jews in the…?… to Jerusalem, He only come to those who sighed and cried for the abominations that was done in the midst of the city.

And now, perhaps this morning, we take up to this challenge… All the glory, all the power, all that God has given to us here in this meeting, and the great things that we’ve seen, how many laid on their face last night and last cried and sighed for the abominations of Minneapolis? See, there you are. He only marked those kind. See?

When Love Is Projected
Minneapolis, MN

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