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You know, Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a man that took a net and went to the lake, and cast it in, and, when he drew the net in, he had all kinds in this net.”

Now, we’re fishermen, then. And there just so many fish in that lake, that God wants. And when the last fish is out, it’s all over then. Now we don’t know when that last fish will be taken out of it. And now I’m here… One net, we’ll say, will reach so many feet, another net will reach so many feet. Then if we put all of our nets together, I’ll lace mine with theirs, we can reach out a little further and maybe, in that, can get a hold of some that we could not have got a hold of otherwise.

We all believe in the Coming of the Lord, that His Coming is soon at hand. We believe It’s at hand now. We don’t know just what time it’ll be that He will arrive. In view of this, we want to put forth every effort that we know how, to further the Kingdom and get that last person saved into the Kingdom. And when the last one is saved, there will not be–there will not be one extra. It’ll just be just so many. And when that last one is brought in, the Body of Christ is completed, the Rapture will come.

And so we are longing for that day, to get out of this place where we’re at here now, for it’s certainly a–a pesthouse, we know that, full of sickness, disease, and disappointments, and troubles. And, my, who would want to stay here, when there’s such a better Place to get to?

Christ Is Identified The Same In All Generations
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