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And here’s a point that I want to drive home. May the Holy Spirit take it to every heart of you believers. Just because you are a believer… Certainly you have Everlasting Life. God said so. But would you want to just get in as Job said, ‘by the skin of your teeth?’ Would you just want to come before the Father and the talent that He’s give every one of you, as being negligent, you just didn’t use it, or you let something else stand in your way? You let little petty things that meant nothing to you, after all little fusses, and stews, and arguments, and church differences take the meekness and gentleness from your life. Would you want to stand before the Father like that? I don’t believe you would. I don’t believe that you would do it, neither would I.

How I want Him to say, “It was well done.” Not by the skin of my teeth, but, “It was well done, My good and faithful servant. Enter into the joys of the Lord, for you did well with what you had to do.”

Maybe you’re a housewife, if you are, God made you a teacher of your children. Do a good job out of it. Regardless of what you have to do, do it well.

Notice, then if the child did prove to be a real worthy of the things that the father had over his kingdom, and had been a real faithful child, then the tutor brought message to the father, “Oh, your son…”

Oh, that’s the message I want Him to bring for you and I. “Oh, Your son, his whole thoughts is upon You. All he’s trying to do is to please You. He’s so interested in Your affair till it’s hard to hold him down.” I’d rather be just a little over zealous about the Father’s Kingdom than to have no zeal at all for it. I’d rather overwork.

And as the Church of Christ preacher told me some time ago, “Mr. Branham, I’d rather–I’d rather wear out than rust out.” And that is a lot of truth. I’d rather wear out and die in the harness, as Brother Neville says, than to refuse to have the harness on. You can’t do nothing any worse than to neglect to try. Let us do all we can with what you have to do with. And the Holy Spirit, our Tutor, will bring it to the Father.

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