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God’s never been without a witness. He’s always… Now, here I want you to get this real close. God has never, at any time, been without a witness on earth. He’s always had at least one man He could put His hands on, say, “That’s My witness.” It’s come down to one man, one time; and Job was His only witness, and Abraham in the–in the land; but God had a witness. Somebody’s going to witness for God somewhere.

Now, after while, we want to find out what a witness really is, of this day. All right. Notice.

These men, as they went down there, they refused to eat the king’s meat, drink his wine, and they refused to bow to his image. They were a genuine true witness of God.

Then there’s sometimes a penalty goes with a witness. Sometimes when you witness for God, you have to suffer a little bit.

You remember when mother told you that you couldn’t stay around home, as long as you read the Bible and carried on? Or, some of the neighbors said, or the children said, at school you was a fanatic, or something, because you was a true witness? Remember, on the job, how all the men laughed at you because you was a real witness? See? How on the streets you were made fun of, when you give a testimony? But that’s a genuine sign of a real, true witness. God wants witnesses.

Now, some people say, “I testify in church.” That’s good.

But, brother, let your Light shine in the dark places, where it’s really needed, out in the hedges and the highways, in the barrooms, out, down on the street. Everywhere you’re at, let your Light shine as a witness. Amen.

Notice, then the fiery trial come on. And every man that’ll witness for God will have to go through fiery trials. Isn’t it strange how God leads His people? Very strange…

Just as soon as Jesus was baptized, He went into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil.

Just as soon as Israel come out, under the blood, circumcised, the Holy Spirit leading them in a form of a–a Light, right straight up to the Red Sea, and there, cornered: mountains on one side, desert on the other; Pharaoh’s army coming, and the Red Sea cutting them off. God led them right up to that place. Why? To get glory. Then Moses prayed; and God told him to step right on down towards the Red Sea, holding his stick out in front of him. And as he walked, the Red Sea moved from one side to the other, right across the Red Sea. Why? God’s path led through.

As soon as they come out of there, right into the wilderness of sin: strange. God’s path led right through that great temptation there, when they murmured against God. They went from there on, from one murmur to another, from one trial to another.

As the old song says:

Some through the waters,
Some through the flood,
Some through deep trials,
But all through the Blood.

That’s God’s way of leading, leading His testimonies, His witnesses.

Jeffersonville, IN

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