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As a poet used to say, “Some through the waters, some through the flood, some through deep trials, but all through the Blood.” God has a way leading His children, so odd and peculiar. And how strange a newborn baby…Come up out of this great wilderness of sin and was led right up here and cut off. Why, seemingly that all nature mourned for them.

But God’s path happened to lead through the Red Sea. And how beautiful to notice just in that crucial hour…Oh, I love God for that. God waits to the very crucial moment, but He can speak and things heap up according to His Word. He had promised them to take them to the promised land, and He’s obligated to His Word. That great dark crucial moment. How easy it was for God to figure it out. He just took the Pillar of Fire and moved It over in between the—the Egyptians coming, and it was light to Israel and dark to them.

Now, that’s what it is coming to now, my brother. It’s coming a place that those who reject Christ, He’s becoming darkness to them; to those who accept it, it’s becoming light to them. We are living in that day just before crossing. And did you notice how easy it was for the Creator, God, to send down a strong east wind, and just divide the Red Sea, and take His children across.

Oh, the Red Sea got scared and just walled itself up, because God’s path led through the middle of it. That’s the way God does things. If people…

These people who was keeping His Word, walking in the Light, moving on, following God’s commands, everything just opened up for them. And if you want things to open up, take God at His Word and start moving forward.

Now, we understand that they came to a place called Kadesh-barnea. That was the judgment seat or a testing time for all of Israel. And God always test His children by His Word. Did you hear that? God tests His children by His Word. If you believe His Word God tests you by the Word.

Now, if you notice there come a time to go over and spy out the land. And when they went over to spy out the land, they came back, the twelve, ten of them said, “We can’t take it. We just can’t take it, because the cities are all walled, and they—we look like grasshoppers up beside of those great giants.”

But two of them said, “We can take it.” That was Caleb and Joshua.

And, friends, I want you to notice that Caleb and Joshua was looking at one thing, and the ten was looking at something else. The ten was looking at circumstances, and Caleb and Joshua was looking at God’s Word. They said, “We can take it, for we’re well able to do it; because God said we could do it.”

And I believe tonight as hard as I have preached and other ministers who sees the vision…I still believe that there’s some way that we can break down the middle wall of partition and make churches of God one together as a brotherhood. I don’t know how it will be done, but God has said that He would have a Church without blemish, without spot, without wrinkle. And He’s going to have it. I believe it.

God Keeps His Word

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