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I wonder, brethren. Let’s think seriously now. We Pentecostal people, I wonder if we receive the Holy Ghost just for entertainment? But there’s more than that goes with It. There’s a life got to be lived. I wonder if that’s the hindrance of our churches today, brethren. I wonder if that’s the reason that we’re still back here in the wilderness, wandering around, instead of over in the promised Land, possessing all things? I wonder if there isn’t something we haven’t thought seriously enough about it. See? You must think seriously.

If Pilate would have did that, he would have released Him. If—if Herod would have did that, he would have released Him. But he didn’t think seriously, his first occasion.
And then what did he do? He asked for some tricks.

Oh, they, that’s what it is today. They want to make Christianity a trick, some little gimmick that you got in your hand. And, listen, Pentecostal people, be deeply sincere in these things. When you speak with tongues, and give the interpretation, you be sure that that’s interpretation. See? Don’t have a gimmick. Why do you want a gimmick, when God has got the real thing for you? See? Why accept a substitute, when the skies are full of the real. See? See? We must be sincere. You mustn’t try to just kind of ignore it and pass it over. We mustn’t do that. We mustn’t ask for tricks.

We must ask for service. Amen. “Lord, if I’m to be the doormat, make me the best doormat You ever had. Whatever I am to be, let me be.” Not, “Make me…If I can’t be a Billy Graham, or an Oral Roberts, why, I ain’t going to be at all.” See? Why, you’re just as much thought of as Billy Graham and Oral Roberts, if—if you got a…if you’re the doormat, if you are God’s. God needs a doormat; He—He wants a good doormat. That’s all. See? It doesn’t matter.

But we go along, presuming that we’re supposed to be this or that. Don’t do that.

Just ask for service, whatever it is. See? Whatever it is, let God choose your service. See? And then when He gives you service, remember that it is Jesus that directed you here. You were born for that purpose. Be a—a good servant to Him, wherever it is. Yes.

Jesus said, “Why do you call Me ‘Lord,’ and do not the things that I tell you to do?” We ought to study the Scripture. We ought to find out what God’s program and plan is. He said, “You call Me ‘Lord.’” Said, “But why do you call Me ‘Lord,’ when you don’t do the things that—that I command you to do?” See? Yes.

Lord is “ownership.” The landlord owns the—the land. And the people, today, they’ll gladly accept Jesus for a Saviour. They—they don’t want to go to hell. They’ll—they’ll accept Him as a Saviour. But when it comes to “Lord,” oh, no. Huh-uh. See?

Lord, is, you to be His property. If He wants a floor mat, He makes you a floor mat. And you’re just as happy, a floor mat, as you would be a, morning star. See? See? See? You—you—you want…We—we want…

We don’t want to have Him “Lord.” We want a Saviour, but we don’t want “Lord.” Then He comes “Lord,” and He speaks to you about certain things of the Word. “Well, I now, I—I don’t know about That now, see. Well, just…I just can’t imagine me doing That,” you ladies here.

You say, I’ll get tired after while. No. I won’t.

Remembering The Lord
Phoenix, Arizona

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