Quote of the Week

Did you ever think what you’re here for? What are you—what are you going to school for, children? What are you working for, dad? What makes you get up, and mother, of a morning, and get the kiddies to school, wash their face, and make up the beds and cook, and—and—and do it all? Come in, wore out that night, and the next day start the same thing. What do you do it for? Why do you labor and slave, dad, and everything? Come in at night, and weary, and one of the kids gets sick and you walk the floor, and cry and pray and struggle, and they get well; and then back, and you do it again. And every Sunday wash their faces, and get them down to church. And, well, what’s it all about? What you here for? Is that all there is to it? My, that’d be miserable, and knowing you got to go anyhow. See? What’s it all about?

Oh! Brother, it’s an examination time, it’s an opportunity time! It’s the opportunity to accept This. Tell me something to take Its place. Tell me something better than That. Produce anything in the world, be the king of the earth, rule the universe, be a Khrushchev or a Kennedy, or whatever you wish to be, you’ll die just the same. Right! You don’t know what time it’ll come, any minute. But here, when death does strike, you got Eternal Life and can’t die, with a guarantee by the God of all creation, Who’s Possessor of Heavens and earth, “I’ll raise him up again at the last day.”

Help Thou my unbelief, O God. Fill my soul, O God, cleanse me, fill me, charge me, send me out. Let me not die, let me live to tell the Story. Let me go to every crack and corner of the earth, and preach the Word and sow the seed, yes, sir, that there may be a harvest in the last day, of the true unadulterated Word, with believers in Christ.

Possessing All Things

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