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Samson, great deal like the church, started off right. He started off in the right direction. He started off, and was called a mighty man of valor. He started out, serving the Lord, in keeping His Words and doing His Commandments. And that was somewhat like the church. It started off on, as we would say, as a world expression, started on the right foot. Started to keep the Commandments of the Lord. And as long as Samson followed the Lord, the Lord used Samson.

For, God can keep anyone and use anyone that will follow after Him, for it’s God’s business. But when we turn to aside, away from the things of God, then God cannot use us any longer. When we’ll walk stedfastly after the Commandments of God, when we’ll stay in the pages of the Bible and worship by the written Word, worship Him in the Spirit and in the Truth of the Word, then God can use any individual. But when they take a notion to turn aside after something else, then God cannot use that person any longer.

So, Samson makes a—a very outstanding representation of the church of today. When the church started, God could use the church, for the church walked diligently after the Commandments of the Lord, kept all of His judgments and His statutes, and done all of His Commandments. And God was with the church. But it seems to be that there is such a weakening place amongst the church.

Remember, we are not on a picnic, but we’re in a battlefield. Many people just think that when they become a Christian that that’s all they need to do, that that settles it forever, as they are a Christian and everything’s going to come easy. Don’t never get that in your head. For, I become a Christian to fight, fight the good fight of faith. I become a Christian, to get in the battle lines. We are Christian soldiers, and we got to be trained and brought up, and know all the techniques of the enemy, to know how to fortify, to know how to—to fight the fight. And we can only do that as the Holy Spirit will reveal it to us. We cannot take what some other nation tells us when we go to war, some of their ideas. But we got to take our own ideas, the way the Holy Spirit would direct us, and what ideas He would give us, because He is the Commandering Chief of the army of the Christians.

A Deceived Church, By The World

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