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I was standing not long ago, out at Mount Palomar, in California, looked through a big glass there, that I could see a hundred and twenty million years of light-space. Break that down into miles and see how—how many miles, you run a row of nines around Owensboro, to try to break it down in miles, of how many billions and billions and billions of miles. And beyond there is moons, and stars, and worlds, and planets, just on endless; and God made them every one. And how can we bottle ourself down as a little, bitty, old mind like ourself, to try to say, “Well, God might have said it, but I just can’t believe it’s so.” Oh my, I just take Him at His Word, say It’s so, and believe It, make my confession, stand on God’s Word, and that settles it.

Some—some time ago, a few years ago, when Mayo Brothers, one of the best clinics in the nation (been interviewed there twice since then), said to me, “It’s impossible Reverend Branham, for you ever to get well.”

I said, “God, if You’ll let me get well, I’ll serve You with all my heart,” and something anchored down there. Ha, didn’t make any difference what Mayos said, I know what God said. And tonight, I’m in better health than I ever was in all my life. I never did weigh, up to that time, over a hundred and twenty-eight, I nearly weigh a hundred and sixty tonight.

It just goes to show that…Now the man was honest. I’m not discrediting Mayo Brothers Clinic, no sir. Them men were honest, and they were good men, and they did everything they knowed how to do, but that’s all they knowed, it was just the end of their knowledge. But faith has no end. Amen. Oh, I love that, I tell you that takes a wishbone out and puts a backbone in there, that’s right. Makes you stand, when you know that God is for you, and He’s promised it, and He said He’d do it, and He’s good to His Word. If that Word’s no good, then there is no God. And if that can’t…if I can’t trust That, if I can’t hang my soul on every phase of that Bible, then It’s no good at all. I don’t want nothing to do with It. If I was against, if I didn’t believe It, I’d be against God tonight. I’d say, “There is no such a thing.”

7 But I believe every Word of It is true, and every Divine promise is a seed that will produce just exactly what it said it would do, if you’ll take the right mental attitude towards it. Remember this, the right mental attitude towards any Divine promise of God will bring it to pass.

Try it. No “try it”, just go do it. If you got enough behind you to push you and say that, “I can do it, and by God’s grace, I will do it,” then God’s with you. But if you just a wishy-washy, “Well, I’ll go up and see if they can do anything for me,” no.

Taking God At His Word

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