… I want to ask you a question.
What good does it do us to come to church and set in the meeting and ponder and may be discouraged because we didn’t get a prayer card, or maybe be discouraged because of some ill thing a neighbor did, or discouraged about one little matter or the other?

That keeps Christ away from you.
It’s when you’re thinking on Him.

That’s when the disciples, after the resurrection, was going down the road to Emmaus, as they were speaking about Him, that’s when He appeared to them.

We got our minds on too many things of the world. If we would throw those things off our mind, and
think about Him and His soon coming, there’d be more revelations and power in the church.
But we keep thinking about the things…
“What am I going to do tomorrow? What will I do next week? Will I hold my job? Will this be…”
All those things are in the hands of God.
Think on Christ.

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