“The Body of Christ is one Spirit, where every member from Pentecost to this time drinks of the same New Wine, the same Holy Ghost, bringing forth the same results. How do we do it? By one Spirit. It’s God’s open door, the Holy Spirit. What is It? It’s God’s open door; It’s a Sign; It’s a Seal; It’s a Comforter; It’s an Advocate; It’s an Assurance; It’s Rest; It’s Peace; It’s goodness; It’s healing; It’s Life; It’s–It’s God’s open Door to all these things. It’s God’s open Door to Christ which has… God proved that He raised up Jesus from the dead. And those that are dead in Christ will God bring with Him at the resurrection. “Grieve not the Holy Spirit whereby you are sealed into Christ until the day of your redemption.” WMB

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