“Now, seeing there was going to be a conflict, and there was going to be a battle, God equipped His children with the right kind of ammunition, the right kind of attack, the right kind of everything that they had need of that would sweep them all the way from Eden to the rapture. What was it? The Word. The Word. That’s what defeats Satan is the Word. It’ll defeat him anywhere, any place.

Now, why do we want to substitute something else when we’ve already got the best thing that there is: the Word?

And we find Jesus on earth (just to prove this was the best equipment), when Satan come in hand-to-hand combat with Jesus, He never just reached over with His power and tied his hands; He just took the same weapon that God gave in the garden of Eden, His Word, and said, “It’s written. It’s written.” And He punched him right out of the ring with it. That’s right, because it’s God’s best.” WMB

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